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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the funeral have to be a traditional service?
NO! Not if you don’t want it to be. The funeral should be exactly as your loved one wanted. We will do all in our power to make any of their wishes come true.

Can we visit our loved one and pay our last respects?
Yes, our Funeral Home is open and available to you at anytime. If you wish to visit our private chapel, please ring and let us know when you would like to come and we will be pleased to arrange this.

Can we have our loved one brought home?
Yes, we can bring your loved one home the day before or on the morning of the service, so they can leave from home.

Can we request donations to charity ?
Yes, if donations to charity are requested in lieu of flowers, we will collect them on your behalf and help you to forward them to the charity of your choice. There will be a box available at in the chapel for these.

Why do the funeral cars drive with their headlights on and why are the family asked to put theirs on too?
The word funeral is derived from the Latin “funeralis” meaning a torchlight procession, so it is traditional for the cortege to be lit. Also, it helps the hearse driver to keep track of any family vehicles following the procession.