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Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation by your local Funeral Director in Stone

What is a Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation is a phrase that is being used more and more often- be it in casual conversation or in adverts on the TV (like Pure Cremation and Simplicity Cremation). But what actually is it? Your chosen provider will bring your loved one into care from wherever they have passed away, look after them before the cremation, provide a basic coffin, make all arrangements and then take your loved one to the crematorium where no mourners are present. After that, your loved one’s ashes can be returned to you or scattered in a garden of remembrance.

Some crematoriums are also offering an Attended Direct cremation. This is the same as a Direct Cremation, but a small number of people are allowed to be at the crematorium as the coffin is taken into the Chapel.

Example Direct Cremation Coffins

example wood effect coffin
example cardboard coffin for direct cremation

Direct Cremation Providers

When describing a Direct Cremation above, we used the phrase “chosen provider”. We did this because there are a number of companies out there who only look after Direct Cremations, day in, day out. But did you know that your local Funeral Director can also do Direct Cremations? The difference in using a Funeral Director rather than a Direct Cremation company is that you will have a person to guide you though the process, instead of just a voice at the end of a phone or an online portal.

Can I Visit my Loved One?

Typically, the answer to this would be a no. However, we at Isobel Whittaker Funeral Services believe that you should still have the option to spend some time with your loved one before the cremation takes place. This could be a traditional  or non-traditional viewing, or if you just wanted to sit with your loved one’s sealed coffin, we are more than happy to arrange this. Our private Chapel of Rest will be made available to you 24 hours a day.

What Transportation is used?

To be able to keep our Direct Cremation Costs as low as possible, we use our Private Ambulance to transport your loved one to the crematorium. Our Private Ambulance is a Black Ford Mondeo which has been fitted with a hearse deck with rollers, and has tinted windows to allow a private journey. Also, if your loved one was a music fan, we are more than happy to play your chosen music on the radio as we make our way to the crematorium. We’ve had Queen, Motown… whatever you like!

car for use at direct cremation

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Direct Cremation Packages start at £1000. This includes all professional fees, care of your loved one before the cremation, a simple coffin (either veneer or cardboard), transportation to the crematorium, doctor’s fees (if required) and the cremation fees at either Birches Remembrance Park in Northwich or Stafford Crematorium. It also includes the ashes being scattered in the Garden of Remembrance should you wish, or we will collect them on your behalf and return them to you.

Pre-Planning your Direct Cremation with your Funeral Director in Stone

We are able to offer Funeral Plans; information can be found on our Funeral Plan page Here

If you would like to know more about Direct Cremations or any of the services that we offer, please give us a call on 01785 336 722, or pop in to our Funeral Home on Pirehill Lane for a brew and a chat!